Friday, June 29, 2007

South Queensferry


Brian said...

The photo of you at the top--the banner for the site--is marvelous.

Salty Sailor said...

yoo hoo.

Love that pic... South Q or somewhere more far flung? Like that fabulously designed thing over the Avon Gorge by I.K. Brunel? (the span's too wide, on second thoughts)

Or is it SF? I can't really decide. OR, it could be somewhere in the Far East.... cheeky!

Oh Gawd, I need to help me locate you on this one.

Salty Sailor said...

Right, I've had another good look.

Def NOT the avon Gorge. Nor the FRB over the, erm, Forth. NOR the Golden Gateway in SF.

Which only leaves somewhere in the Far East! Do I win a Lolly?

Or are you just being clever and manipulating an image of you and the Kincardine Bridge?

Minge said...

South Queensferry.

Salty Sailor said...

how devastatingly blunt, dear. Thanks for that.